Been There – Punta Cana

Starbucks Been There – Punta Cana is a mug for a popular tourist destination located on the eastern coast of La Hispaniola island, which is shared by the Dominican Republic and Haiti. It is known for its beautiful beaches, luxurious resorts, and vibrant culture.

Punta Cana’s transformation from an unknown area to a world-renowned beach destination began in 1969 when a group of American investors purchased 30 square miles of undeveloped land along the Dominican Republic’s east coast. The first hotel in Punta Cana was built in 1971, and from there, tourism in the area took off .… Read more

Been There – Santo Domingo

Starbucks Been There – Santo Domingo is a mug for the capital of the Dominican Republic. Founded by Bartholomew Columbus (younger brother of Christopher Columbus) in 1496, it is the oldest continuously inhabited European settlement in the Americas. The city is a gem for tourists interested in learning about history. There are many buildings from the 1500s, in The Zona Colonial, a historic center.
Stay tuned for more pics and the full review of the mug.
2020-10-12 update: adding the pictures of all the sides of the mug.… Read more

Been There – Republica Dominicana

Starbucks is coming to Dominicana with two new mugs. Been There – Republica Dominicana is one of them. It is designed using the red color palette with some elements in yellow.
From first glance, it seems that the mug is featuring a baseball player, which refers to baseball being very popular in this Caribbean country. The Dominican Republic Professional Baseball League (LIDOM in Spanish), is a professional baseball league consisting of six teams spread across the Dominican Republic. The league’s players include many prospects that go on to play in Major League Baseball in the United States.… Read more