Been There Ornament – Australia 2

Similar to the bigger v2 mug, this new revised Been There Ornament – Australia v2 is dedicated to surfing and anything related. Also, I couldn’t help but notice that the ornament is a total copy of the bigger mug, with the exception of the two-piece swimsuit missing from the design of the ornament. That is unusual for the Been There Series, where ornaments have fewer elements than full-size mugs.

Surfing culture in Australia is deeply ingrained in the nation’s coastal lifestyle, with its world-famous beaches and surf spots drawing surfers from around the globe.… Read more

Been There Ornament – Australia

Starbucks Been There Ornament Australia is interesting in a way that it comes in a set with other Australian ornaments. You can see it in the picture below, together with the Australia v2 ornament. Yes, it took me so long to get it that Starbucks released a new version of the ornament! I have to admit, I am not a big fan of this type of packaging because, in order to get all the Australian cities, you have to buy multiple country ornaments.… Read more

You Are Here – Groningen

Starbucks You Are Here – Groningen comes from the Netherlands. Big thanks to the blog reader for providing the pictures of this beautiful mug!

Groningen, a vibrant city in the northern part of the country, boasts a rich history dating back to the 11th century when it emerged as an influential regional trade hub. The city’s strategic location allowed it to thrive during the Middle Ages, becoming a member of the powerful Hanseatic League. This affiliation boosted its economic and cultural significance, fostering connections with other major European cities.… Read more

Discovery Series Ornament – Michigan

Discovery Series Ornament – Michigan is the release for the Great Lakes State, which has a rich history that dates back to its Indigenous peoples, including the Anishinaabe tribes. European exploration began in the 17th century with French fur traders, leading to the establishment of settlements and missions. The region became a state in 1837, driven by its booming lumber industry and later the automotive revolution, which transformed its economy and identity. Today, Michigan is renowned for its stunning natural landscapes, vibrant cities, and cultural heritage.… Read more

Been There – Hiroshima

Starbucks Been There – Hiroshima is a mug for a city in Japan’s Chūgoku region, which has a rich history that extends far beyond the tragic events of World War II. Founded in the late 16th century by the powerful warlord Mōri Terumoto, Hiroshima developed as a key economic and cultural hub in western Japan. The city thrived through the Edo period and into the modern era, becoming a center for industry and education. However, Hiroshima is most widely recognized internationally for the atomic bombing on August 6, 1945, which resulted in massive destruction and loss of life.… Read more

Discovery Series – Niagara Falls

Here’s the bigger version of the ornament that we’ve seen earlier. When compared to the mini mug, the design of the Discovery Series Niagara Falls has way more details. Let’s review them together.

But before we do that, I would like to mention an interesting fact about Niagara Falls. Did you know that this famous group of waterfalls is continuously evolving due to both natural and human influences? Erosion, a key natural process, gradually reshapes the falls as the powerful water flow wears away the underlying rock layers.… Read more

Been There – Hangzhou

Starbucks Been There Hangzhou is a mug for the capital of Zhejiang province in eastern China. It is a city steeped in history and cultural significance. Renowned for its stunning West Lake, Hangzhou has been a center of culture, politics, and economy since ancient times. It was famously described by the Venetian traveler Marco Polo as “the finest and most splendid city in the world.” During the Southern Song Dynasty (1127–1279), Hangzhou served as the imperial capital, fostering a golden age of art, literature, and commerce.… Read more

You Are Here – Napoli

Starbucks You Are Here Napoli is a mug for the city in southern Italy with a rich and diverse heritage. Founded by the Greeks in the 8th century BC as Neapolis, or “New City,” it became one of the most important cities in Magna Graecia. During the Roman era, Naples was a cultural hub, renowned for its contributions to art, philosophy, and science. The city endured a turbulent history, including periods of Byzantine, Norman, and Spanish rule, each leaving a distinct mark on its architecture and culture.… Read more

Discovery Series Ornament – Niagara Falls

The second of only two ornaments planned for Canada is now out. Discovery Series Ornament – Niagara Falls should be available on both Canadian and US sides around the famous group of three waterfalls at the southern end of Niagara Gorge.

These three waterfalls are:

Horseshoe Falls, also known as the Canadian Falls, is the largest and most famous of the three. It spans the international border between Canada and the United States, with the majority of the falls located on the Canadian side.… Read more

Disneyland Hong Kong – World of Frozen

The exciting news is coming from Hong Kong Disneyland, as the brand-new Been There – World of Frozen mug has just been spotted in the park’s “Market House”. This mug looks very similar to the Arendelle mug that was released not so long ago, and I will write a separate post comparing these two mugs soon. Stay tuned!

As for the World of Frozen,  it is a magical themed land that transports visitors into the heart of Arendelle, the kingdom from Disney’s beloved Frozen franchise.… Read more

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