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Yau Are Here – Dusseldorf

Another mug from Germany – You Are Here Dusseldorf. The total count of German mugs comes to eight. Again we see local variant of writing the name, with the O modified with what is known as an “umlaut mark”.
Dusseldorf is the seventh most populous city in Germany and an international business and financial centre known for fashion and trade fairs.
I only see some buildings, the river Rhine and red carnival cap for Rhenish Carnival celebrations held every year … Read more


You Are Here – England

Since Starbucks broke it’s own “no European country YAHs” rule with the release of France we can finally welcome You Are Here – England mug.
Rain, tea, Red telephone box. Did I miss anything? As per eyewitness reports, this mug was only spotted in Southampton so far, but I am pretty sure it will spread over the England pretty fast.

Update from 09/20/2017: as it has been noticed by Michael (see comments) I missed Stonehenge – one of the … Read more


You Are Here – Siem Reap

Cambodia scores again! New YAH from this Southeast Asian country just hit the stores. Please meet You Are Here Siem Reap mug.
Siem Reap is a popular tourist destination in northwestern Cambodia. It has a large number of hotels, restaurants and resorts, mostly because of it being close to the Angkor temples, the most popular tourist attraction in Cambodia. Angkor was the capital city of the Khmer Empire. It was in a heyday between 9th to 15th centuries. … Read more


You Are Here – Den Haag

This is the third YAH from Netherlands. Again Starbucks has used native (in this case Dutch) version of the name – You Are Here – Den Haag. You probably know it better as The Hague. By coincidence this is the third-largest city in the Netherlands. Over 150 international organisations are hosted here. Probably the most noticeable are International Court of Justice (ICJ), the International Criminal Court (ICC).
The colors of the mug are pretty vivid, yet Icon collectors might not … Read more


You Are Here – China (Hangzhou, Nanjing, Suzhou, Wuxi, Ningbo, Shanghai)

You probably remember my previous post about China YAHs coming out. We had some bad quality pics of Christmas and one regular YAH. Everyone agreed that the last one is probably Hangzhou. But if you look at the newly leaked pics – it seems like Hangzhou will have a different design. I am now confused which one is real. I tend to believe the last news, since insiders even announced the date – mid September.
There are six mugs revealed … Read more


You Are Here Disney – Disneyland 2

You probably remember how Starbucks replaced Hollywood Studios with second version. Many wondered if other Disney YAHs will eventually be replaced. Looks like we have the answer now, because Hollywood Studios v2 has just been released. The mug looks great and it has aroused excitement among many collectors – enough to mention it was sold out within a day. I really hope Starbucks has more in stock as the hype in demand will remain high for some time.
I’ve … Read more


You Are Here – France

Allons enfants de la Patrie, Le jour de gloire est arrivé!
Anyone wondering why am I singing La Marseillaise? Guess what? First European country YAH – France was released this week. Someone won’t agree but I think this mug is really beautiful. I really love dark blue mugs, in first place, but this one is special.
Mountains, Mont Saint-Michel, grapes, cheese and wine (back of the mug) – all you need to know about France (according to Starbucks).… Read more


You Are Here – Aberdeen

Scotland scores again. Welcome the new mug from You Are Here series – Aberdeen. This city is only third by population in Scotland, yet it now has YAH and Glasgow doesn’t. Don’t forget, Edinburgh has been released long time ago too. Hey, Starbucks, what is your logic? It’s not like I am complaining, just trying to understand you.
As for the mug itself, I would like to mention Aberdeen Beach and Queens Links which is famous for it’s golden sand. … Read more


You Are Here – Newcastle Upon Tyne

While on vacation I missed to add two new mugs from the You Are Here series list. Starbucks in not very consistent in releasing those – one week we get nothing, the other week we get two. Anyway, please welcome Newcastle Upon Tyne mug.
This city from North East England, also commonly called simply Newcastle, is the most populous in this region. As you can see from the pic, The Castle is seen on the front of mug, which gave … Read more

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