Discovery Series Ornament – Tennessee

Starbucks Discovery Series Ornament – Tennessee is part of a fast-growing collection of mini mugs.

The name “Tennessee” is derived from the Native American word “Tanasi” or “Tanasqui,” which was the name of a Cherokee village in present-day Monroe County, Tennessee. The exact meaning of “Tanasi” is unclear, but it has been interpreted to mean “meeting place,” “winding river,” or “river of the great bend.” The word was first recorded in the 16th century by Spanish explorers and later adopted by English settlers.… Read more

Discovery Series Ornament – Virginia

When compared to the bigger mug, the design of the Discovery Series Virginia Ornament has much fewer elements. I went through most of the symbols and landmarks here, but let me at least mention the ones that made it into the design of the ornament:

– The Virginia state bird is the Northern Cardinal, adopted in 1950 for its vibrant plumage and melodious song.

– Virginia’s state flower, the American Dogwood, was designated in 1918, celebrated for its delicate blossoms that grace the state’s landscape.… Read more

Discovery Series Ornament – New York City

These were discovered (pun intended) much faster than I expected. As you probably remember, in the case of the previous series of Starbucks collectibles, there was a six-month gap between the release of the mugs and the release of the ornaments. So I was mentally prepared to see the mini mugs from the Discovery series only closer to the end of the year. What was my amazement when I saw the photos of the brand-new Discovery Series Ornament – New York City today.… Read more

Been There Ornament – Louisiana 2

Starbucks Been There Ornament – Louisiana 2 introduces subtle changes to the existing release. The easiest way to tell two versions apart is to look at the group of three musical notes next to the tiny Starbucks coffee cup. The new version has all of the notes to the right of the cup, while the old version had one to the left and two to the right.

Other changes include:
– an additional musical note on the back of the mug;
– one of the mosquitos is gone and the other one changed the place (so two versus three in total now);
– two sets of flowers are removed;

Additionally, I am only seeing the “made in China” version of the new ornament, it can be identified by the glossy string.… Read more

Been There Ornament – Mississippi 2

As you probably remember, Starbucks released a revised version of the Mississippi mug recently. Now, the same update was done for the mini mug as well. When compared to the first versionBeen There Ornament – Mississippi 2 has the cotton branch removed and some other elements changing the size and the position in the design:

– The guitar moved from the left of the title closer to the handle. Designers used this musical instrument to emphasize Mississippi’s cultural and musical heritage, particularly through its association with the birth and development of the blues genre.… Read more

Been There Ornament – Illinois 2

I was expecting the release of the Starbucks Been There Ornament Illinois 2 long time ago, since the bigger mug came out back in 2019. The updated version is finally here, and it seems that the only difference compared to the Illinois Ornament v1 is the dashes in the name of one of the State’s landmarks.

Discovered in 1739 by French explorer M. de Lery, “Cave-In-Rock” stands as an iconic point of interest in Illinois. Carved over eons by the relentless flow of water, this natural limestone cave embodies a tangible link to the region’s frontier past.… Read more

You Are Here Ornament – Ho Chi Minh 2

Along with the bigger mug, Starbucks released You Are Here Ornament – Ho Chi Minh 2, which is an updated version of the existing ornament. It has been a while since we’ve seen the last release from this collection, and that’s more than 3 years after the release of the Been There Vietnam ornament.

Again, I don’t understand the reasoning for the release, but I am really happy to add this ornament to my collection.

Read more

Discovery Series Disney Ornament – Disneyland Park

And last, but not least in the new collection releases batch is Discovery Series Disney Ornament – Disneyland Park. The color of the string seems to be of the pink shade. The front of the ornament showcases the Sleeping Beauty Castle which stands as an iconic symbol of magic, dreams, and enchantment. This fairy-tale fortress serves as the centerpiece of the theme park, capturing the imaginations of visitors young and old with its rich history and timeless allure.

The Sleeping Beauty Castle was inspired by the castle featured in the classic Disney animated film “Sleeping Beauty,” released in 1959.… Read more

Discovery Series Disney Ornament – Magic Kingdom

Discovery Series Disney Ornament – Magic Kingdom comes with the blue string and laconic design. The front of the mug showcases an iconic landmark of the park: Cinderella Castle. It was opened when the Magic Kingdom debuted on October 1, 1971
Here are some key facts about it:
– It is painted in grey, blue, and gold and represents the concept of a French palace-fortress.
– The base of the castle has a medieval design, while the upper level features Gothic-inspired turrets and spires.… Read more

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