Been There Ornament – Louisiana 2

Starbucks Been There Ornament – Louisiana 2 introduces subtle changes to the existing release. The easiest way to tell two versions apart is to look at the group of three musical notes next to the tiny Starbucks coffee cup. The new version has all of the notes to the right of the cup, while the old version had one to the left and two to the right.

Other changes include:
– an additional musical note on the back of the mug;
– one of the mosquitos is gone and the other one changed the place (so two versus three in total now);
– two sets of flowers are removed;

Additionally, I am only seeing the “made in China” version of the new ornament, it can be identified by the glossy string.… Read more

Been There Ornament – Mississippi 2

As you probably remember, Starbucks released a revised version of the Mississippi mug recently. Now, the same update was done for the mini mug as well. When compared to the first versionBeen There Ornament – Mississippi 2 has the cotton branch removed and some other elements changing the size and the position in the design:

– The guitar moved from the left of the title closer to the handle. Designers used this musical instrument to emphasize Mississippi’s cultural and musical heritage, particularly through its association with the birth and development of the blues genre.… Read more

Been There Ornament – Illinois 2

I was expecting the release of the Starbucks Been There Ornament Illinois 2 long time ago, since the bigger mug came out back in 2019. The updated version is finally here, and it seems that the only difference compared to the Illinois Ornament v1 is the dashes in the name of one of the State’s landmarks.

Discovered in 1739 by French explorer M. de Lery, “Cave-In-Rock” stands as an iconic point of interest in Illinois. Carved over eons by the relentless flow of water, this natural limestone cave embodies a tangible link to the region’s frontier past.… Read more

Been There Marvel Ornament – Wakanda

It seems that Starbucks Been There Marvel Ornament Wakanda is out! It looks very similar to the Wakanda mug, at least the front of it. However, judging by the photo of the back of the ornament, certain elements are re-arranged or removed. In case you want to learn more about Wakanda and what inspired the Starbucks’ artists, I invite you to read this pretty long post that I made about the design of the full-sized sibling of this ornament.
Read more

Been There Star Wars Ornament – Dagobah

The color of the string of the Star Wars Dagobah Ornament matches the inside color, as usual. The box is shared with two other ornaments: Hoth and Bespin.

Dagobah, a mysterious and swampy planet within the Star Wars universe, holds a significant place in the saga’s narrative. Its first notable appearance was in “Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back” when Luke Skywalker, seeking to master the ways of the Force, embarked on a journey to this remote world.… Read more

Been There Star Wars Ornament – Hoth

Star Wars Hoth Ornament is a complete copy of the bigger mug released in the first batch of the Star Wars mugs. This new release has a grey string, matching the inside color of the ornament. The box that Hoth is coming in, has two other ornaments: Bespin and Dagobah.

Hoth, a frigid and inhospitable planet, is a realm of extreme conditions and imminent danger. It made its iconic appearance in “Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back,” serving as a pivotal setting in the saga.… Read more

Been There Star Wars Ornament – Bespin

Star Wars Bespin Ornament has a pink string and shares the box with Dagobah and Hoth.

Bespin, a celestial gem nestled in the Star Wars universe, is a captivating gas giant that enchants all who behold it. Known for its ethereal beauty and unique ecosystem, Bespin stands as a testament to nature’s awe-inspiring diversity.

It is Bespin where the confrontation unfolded between Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker within the carbon-freezing chamber. It was here that the Sith Lord delivered the shocking revelation, forever etching the line “No, I am your father” into the annals of cinematic history.… Read more

Been There Star Wars Ornament – Nevarro

Star Wars Nevarro Ornament has grey string and comes in the box with Naboo and Ahch-To.

Nevarro, a rugged and gritty planet within the vast Star Wars universe, is a place defined by its industrial landscapes and underworld presence. Characterized by its rocky terrain, barren canyons, and smoldering lava flows, Nevarro emanates an atmosphere of desolation and danger. The planet’s once-thriving ecosystem has been largely exploited by mining operations, leaving scars on its surface and a harsh environment. Nevarro’s cities, such as the fortified outpost known as Nevarro City, stand as bastions of lawlessness and intrigue, attracting bounty hunters, smugglers, and shady characters seeking to profit from the planet’s underworld connections.… Read more

Been There Star Wars Ornament – Naboo

Star Wars Naboo Ornament comes in the box of three, along with Nevarro and Ahch-To. It has a blue string.

Naboo, an enchanting planet nestled in the Star Wars universe, is a world of unparalleled beauty and sophistication. Known for its lush landscapes, vibrant cities, and majestic architecture, Naboo is a visual marvel that captivates all who set foot upon its soil. Its capital, Theed, showcases an exquisite blend of classical and futuristic designs, with grand palaces and intricate domes that reflect the planet’s rich cultural heritage.… Read more

Been There Star Wars Ornament – Ahch-To

Star Wars Ahch-To Ornament shares the box with Naboo and Nevarro and has light blue string.

Ahch-To, a captivating and mystical planet nestled in the vast reaches of the Star Wars universe, is a place of profound significance. With its windswept cliffs, lush greenery, and ancient structures, Ahch-To exudes an aura of tranquility and wisdom. It was on this remote world that Luke Skywalker sought refuge after the fall of the Jedi Order, isolating himself in search of deeper understanding and guidance.… Read more

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