Discovery Series – Oregon

I’ve reviewed the smaller version of the Discovery Series – Oregon mug earlier, you can see that post here. In addition to Oregon’s rocky coast, duck, blackberries, mushrooms, and Bigfoot that we saw in the design of the ornament, these are the symbols and landmarks specific to the bigger mug:

– Although tulips are not native to Oregon, they can thrive in any region of the state with the proper care and planning. The tulip on the front of the mug is probably related to the annual Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival, held in Woodburn.… Read more

Discovery Series Ornament – Oregon

The collection of mini mugs is expanding with the release of Discovery Series Ornament – Oregon. Along with the green string, the inside of the ornament is also green, which is the color that is associated with Oregon the most, thanks to the state’s lush forests, abundant natural greenery, and the iconic green color of the University of Oregon’s sports teams.

I feel like the Discovery Series Oregon Ornament has a little bit more details than other mini mugs:

Oregon’s rocky coast is a stunning testament to the state’s natural beauty, featuring dramatic cliffs, secluded coves, and rugged shorelines.… Read more

Been There Ornament – Alaska 2

While the release of the mugs for the new collection is at full steam, some minor updates were noticed for the series that is retiring. When placing Been There Ornament – Alaska 2 side by side with the v1, I see the following differences:

– the size of the Denali (formerly known as Mount McKinley) was reduced, and the name of the park, “DenaLi Nat’L. PaRK,” was placed underneath. It is unclear why the designers chose this spelling, as I could not find it used elsewhere.… Read more

Discovery Series Ornament – California

Discovery Series Ornament – California compliments the release of the bigger mug that I reviewed earlier.

Here is what ornament has to offer:

– The California Quail, with its distinctive topknot and intricate feather patterns, is a charming symbol of the state’s rich biodiversity. Often seen scurrying through the underbrush in small coveys, the California quail embodies the resilience and beauty of California’s natural landscapes. This iconic bird’s melodious call and striking appearance make it a beloved emblem for Californians, representing the state’s commitment to preserving its wildlife.… Read more

Discovery Series – Ohio

The Buckeye State gets Discovery Series – Ohio mug, featuring a design filled with landmarks and symbols. Here are some of them:

– The Red Carnation (Dianthus caryophyllus) was adopted as Ohio’s state flower in 1904 to honor President William McKinley, an Ohioan who often wore a scarlet carnation on his lapel. The flower symbolizes love, admiration, and affection, fitting for a state known for its hospitality. Carnations are also popular in gardens and floral arrangements due to their vibrant color and pleasant fragrance.… Read more

Discovery Series Ornament – Hawaii

Discovery Series Ornament – Hawaii follows the release of the bigger mug. I encourage you to read the full review here.

As for the ornament, similar to other mini mugs from the Discovery series, the design has very few elements. We can see the rainbow, the whale, and a tiny island with palms and waves.

Unlike the bigger mug, the diver is on the back of the ornament and holds the coconut with the straw, instead of Hawaiian Shave Ice. … Read more

Discovery Series – Alaska

Discovery Series – Alaska is a fresh release from the Last Frontier State. Alaska, the largest state in the United States, has a rich history. The land has been home to indigenous peoples for millennia, with vibrant cultures and diverse tribes such as the Aleut, Inupiat, Yup’ik, and Tlingit. In the 18th century, Russian explorers established settlements, paving the way for Russian colonization and the lucrative fur trade. However, in 1867, Alaska was purchased by the United States from Russia, marking a significant turning point in its history.… Read more

Discovery Series Ornament – Tennessee

Starbucks Discovery Series Ornament – Tennessee is part of a fast-growing collection of mini mugs.

The name “Tennessee” is derived from the Native American word “Tanasi” or “Tanasqui,” which was the name of a Cherokee village in present-day Monroe County, Tennessee. The exact meaning of “Tanasi” is unclear, but it has been interpreted to mean “meeting place,” “winding river,” or “river of the great bend.” The word was first recorded in the 16th century by Spanish explorers and later adopted by English settlers.… Read more

Discovery Series Ornament – Virginia

When compared to the bigger mug, the design of the Discovery Series Virginia Ornament has much fewer elements. I went through most of the symbols and landmarks here, but let me at least mention the ones that made it into the design of the ornament:

– The Virginia state bird is the Northern Cardinal, adopted in 1950 for its vibrant plumage and melodious song.

– Virginia’s state flower, the American Dogwood, was designated in 1918, celebrated for its delicate blossoms that grace the state’s landscape.… Read more

Discovery Series – Utah

Starbucks Discovery Series – Utah is a colorful mug from the Beehive State. Utah is nicknamed so because the beehive is a symbol of hard work and industry, which reflects the values of the state’s early settlers. The beehive appears on the state flag of Utah and represents the persistence and perseverance of its people.

The origin of the name “Utah” is believed to come from the Ute Native American tribe, who were early inhabitants of the region. The word “Utah” is thought to derive from the Ute language and may mean “people of the mountains” or “high up.” This name was adopted when the area became a territory of the United States in the 19th century and later when it became a state in 1896.… Read more

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