You Are Here – Guilin

Starbucks You Are Here Guilin. This city is located on the banks of Li River, on the South of China. Due to the large number of fragrant sweet osmanthus trees, the city got its name, which means “Forest of Sweet Osmanthus”. Famous karst mountains surrounding Li River were placed on the front of the mug. These are formed when soluble bedrock dissolves, from the top down through receding waters and rains. The softer rock eroded more quickly, leaving hardier pinnacles to stand tall in resistance.… Read more

You Are Here – Zhuhai

Starbucks You Are Here Zhuhai is the sixth mug from the new Chinese releases. This city is one of the main tourist destinations in China. That is why it is sometimes called the Chinese Riviera. You can see The New Yuan Ming Palace on the mug, which is a partial reconstruction of the Old Summer Palace in Beijing. In 2014 Zhuhai was named the most livable city in China by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.… Read more

You Are Here – Fuzhou

Starbucks You Are Here Fuzhou mug is yet another recent release from China. I’ve noticed the Starbucks store on the mug and decided to look for pictures of those in Fuzhou. And I have to tell you, this city has some pretty cool Starbucks cafes I’ve seen so far. I am sure these are even better looking in person.… Read more

You Are Here – Changchun

Starbucks You Are Here Changchun is the third Chinese mug from the recent wave of releases I am adding to the site.
Changchun – is the largest industrial, educational, scientific and transportation hub in Northeast China. It is known as China’s “City of Automobiles”, as the industrial city with a particular focus on the automotive sector. Interesting fact, the name of the city means “long spring” in Chinese. … Read more

You Are Here – Wales

As the last accords of discontinued collection – Starbucks You Are Here Wales
The mug is designed having in mind the Flag of Wales, which incorporates the red dragon along with the Tudor colors of green and white.
From the mug:
– sheep – since sheep farming is the important part of economy of Wales. Interesting enough, there are more than 10 million sheep in Wales
– green hills or mountains – probably referring to Snowdonia – mountainous region and a national park in northwestern Wales.… Read more

You Are Here – Spain

Here’s newly released Starbucks You Are Here Spain mug. According to the design of it, all you need to know about Spain:
– lots of sun
– sea, ocean, beaches and palm trees
– soccer (it is called football in Europe)
– Flamenco – which is not just the dance but a set of music traditions of Southern Spain.
I still need to see the back of the mug to finish this list though.… Read more

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