You Are Here – Nice

Starbucks expands the family of French mugs with this fresh release – You Are Here – Nice, which we greet with joy, as always. This French Riviera’s city is very well known outside of the country for being a perfect holiday gateway with its amazing beaches and mountains, weather, shopping, and restaurants, as well as many other attractions. From the picture, which is kindly provided by a Facebook user, we can only see one landmark:
– Place Masséna on the front of the mug is a historic square which was named for André Masséna (a French military commander).… Read more

Icon – Nice

This Icon mug came from Nice, France. Blue is used as its theme color. Coat of Arms can be seen on the front of the mug and Angel’s Bay on the back.
This mug is pretty common.
Countries of production: Taiwan… Read more