Been There – Japan 2 Spring Edition

Similarly to the previous collection, Starbucks released the Special Edition country mugs for Japan. In fact, each season gets a custom interpretation of the regular mug’s design.
Been There – Japan 2 Spring Edition is dedicated to the spring season, known as “haru”. It is a breathtaking tapestry of renewal and vibrant beauty. Cherry blossoms, or “sakura,” symbolize the essence of this season, painting the landscape in shades of pink and white as they bloom across the country. These delicate flowers not only herald the arrival of warmer weather but also evoke a sense of fleeting yet profound beauty, celebrated through hanami, the centuries-old tradition of flower viewing.… Read more

You Are Here – Japan 3 Spring Edition

What an amazing surprise by Starbucks! I was super excited today, to hear the news about the release coming to the Land of the Rising Sun. You Are Here – Japan v3 “Spring Edition” is a perfect mug to say goodbye to the winter.
It looks very similar to the other two versions, but with the Spring touch, obviously. We still see beautiful Fuji covered in snow, with the setting sun, behind it. This well-known view can be observed from the shore of the Yamanaka lake, which is located to the East of the mountain.… Read more