Been There Ornament – West Virginia

Starbucks Been There Ornament West Virginia has grey string and many small elements on the front of the mug.
– Mountains with the skier going downhill – West Virginia is located entirely within the Appalachian Mountains with Snowshoe Mountain Resort in Pocahontas County being the largest winter resort in the Mid-Atlantic region
– the snake – I could not find any information if there are any special snakes in WV (not found anywhere else)
– The Rhododendron maximum, or great laurel which is the state flower of West Virginia, selected on January 29, 1903
– wood logs – logging was popular in WV in 1800s.… Read more

Been There – West Virginia

One of the most anticipated BTs I think, Starbucks Been There West Virginia mug. There are not as many Starbucks stores in this State and I expect it will be little bit harder to get this particular mug (compared to most of the other states).
I’ve combined all sides into a collage:
bt_west_virginia_all_sidesRead more