Starbucks Been There Collection mug

Been There Collection

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The king is dead, long live the king! It was somewhat expected that Starbucks will discontinue You Are Here Series at some point. Still, most of the muggers were shocked to know that it’s already happening. According to the latest rumors, there will be no new YAHs for US and Canada, instead, a new series is being released this March – please meet “Been There Collection”!
Here’s what is known about new mugs so far:
– all 50 states are getting a mug, plus certain cities
– Canada, Central and South America are getting mugs too. I also positive Europe and Asia will get them within next couple years
– same shape and size and capacity (14oz) as current YAHs (existing YAH displays can be easily used)
– completely different approach in the design – hand drawn art which takes inspiration from local styles, flavors, florals, faunas and local icons (points of attraction) – again see the pic. I think it looks somewhat similar to DW Tumblers.
– the retail price: US $12.95, Canada: $14.95, which is much more expensive than YAHs. I am not surprised Starbucks raised the price, collectors will still be buying it (say hello to Apple users)

You might hate this news or look forward to start collecting new Been There series, but it’s coming out anyway. Again the release date for US is March 26,2018. Canada will start getting new mugs in June, 2018.

Update of February 10, 2018: there is another leaked information from insiders and it states that mugs will be released in May in licensed stores. So here is the question: does it mean these will only be available in licensed stores or they’re coming to regular stores in March and to licensed stores in May? I bet on the second option and we gonna be able to see that soon.

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