Starbucks Been There Australia mug

Been There – Australia

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Five mugs from the Land Down Under were released about a year ago. They are available in stores but are still harder to get for collectors in Europe or the Americas due to high-cost shipping. But if you’re a true hardcore fan, that should not stop you, right? Let’s start with the Starbucks Been There – Australia mug.

Australia, known colloquially as the “The Lucky Country,” boasts a rich history and cultural diversity. Indigenous Australians, believed to have settled the continent around 65,000 years ago, possess one of the oldest continuous cultures on Earth. European exploration of Australia began in the 17th century, with Dutch navigator Willem Janszoon making the first recorded European sighting in 1606. In 1770, Captain James Cook claimed the eastern coastline for Britain, leading to subsequent British colonization. The arrival of the First Fleet in 1788 marked the beginning of British settlement, initially as a penal colony in what is now Sydney. Australia federated as a nation on January 1, 1901, consolidating six British colonies into the Commonwealth of Australia. Since then, it has evolved into a vibrant democracy known for its multiculturalism, stunning landscapes, and unique wildlife.

Here are some well-known symbols and landmarks of Australia:

– The Kangaroo is a beloved native marsupial that hops its way into the hearts of locals and visitors alike. With its powerful hind legs and distinctive pouch, the Kangaroo symbolizes strength, agility, and adaptability. It is a true Australian icon that embodies the spirit of the country’s vast and diverse landscape.

– The Koala is another symbol that captures the essence of Australia. Known for its cuddly appearance and eucalyptus diet, the Koala represents the laid-back and easygoing nature of Australians. This marsupial is a beloved creature, often seen dozing in the branches of gum trees, and is considered a national treasure.

– The Boomerang holds great cultural significance as a traditional Aboriginal hunting tool. Shaped like a crescent, the Boomerang represents the rich Indigenous history and connection to the land. It is a symbol of skill, ingenuity, and the deep bond between Aboriginal people and their environment.

– The Cowboy Hat, although originating from American culture, has become a popular fashion statement in Australia. It reflects the nation’s love for the outdoors, adventure, and the vast open spaces of the Australian outback. Worn by farmers, ranchers, and adventurers alike, the Cowboy Hat has become an emblem of the Australian spirit and way of life.

– The Emu, a large flightless bird native to Australia, holds significant cultural and historical importance to the country. It features prominently in Indigenous Australian mythology and art and is symbolically represented on the Australian coat of arms and one-dollar coin. Emus inhabit various landscapes across Australia, from forests to savannas, and are a common sight in many regions. As an iconic Australian species, the emu reflects the nation’s identity and connection to its natural environment.

– The Sydney Opera House stands as an architectural marvel and a symbol of Australia’s cultural identity. Its distinctive sail-like design, envisioned by Danish architect Jørn Utzon, graces the Sydney Harbour skyline with elegance and grandeur. Beyond its striking appearance, the Opera House serves as a beacon for artistic expression, hosting a myriad of performances ranging from opera and ballet to concerts and theater productions.

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