Starbucks Been There Boracay mug

Been There – Boracay

Starbucks Been There – Boracay is a mug for a small island in the central Philippines known for its resorts and beaches. No wonder that the design of the mug pretty much reflects the following activities, sorted from “easy” to more “adventurous”:
– Flip-Flops (3), Sand Castle (5) – experience full relaxation at one of many island’s beaches. You might choose White Beach for its fine white sand and amazing sunset views.
– Willys Rock (4) – a nice rock in the middle of the shallow water. It is somewhat an iconic location and a popular place to take a photo of.
– Stand-up paddleboard (6) – choose this activity to enjoy Boracay’s calm currents and clear waters. It suits anyone, no experience is required.
– Coral Reefs (2), Dive Mask/Goggles (7) – if you prefer to explore the underwater world there are dozens of dive centers on Boracay for both beginners and more experienced divers.
– Parasailing (1) – will bring you both adrenaline and amazing views of the island coastline

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