Starbucks Been There Fresno State mug

Been There – Fresno State

Starbucks is expanding the Campus Collection with Been There – Fresno State mug. Founded in 1911 as the Fresno State Normal School, Fresno State (California State University, Fresno) is a public university with some unique facilities like a planetarium, on-campus raisin, and wine grape vineyards, and even a commercial winery. You can see the references to that in the design of the mug: a person holding a bunch of grapes and also a wine press on the back.
Other symbols of the Fresno State that were added to the mug’s design:
– Victor E., the bulldog, was chosen as the University’s mascot in 1921. According to the official version, a white bulldog visited the campus for days looking for food and treats. He was later adopted by Student Body President Warren Moody and never left the campus since.
– The red paw on the side of the mug is an alternate logo (besides Victor E.) of the Fresno State Bulldogs (athletic teams representing the University)
– The horse and the rider refer to the Fresno State equestrian team and go hand in hand with the Fresno State Equine Program, which is pretty unique on its own.

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