Starbucks Been There Mendoza mug

Been There – Mendoza

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Coming back in time to review some BT mugs from South America. Starbucks Been There Mendoza is the mug from Argentina with blue, yellow and orange colors prevailing. Here are some symbols of this city:
– A line of trees with what seems to be the road is a part of the green belt in the western part of the city, known as Parque General San Martin. It is a system of tree allees, roads and irrigation canals built entirely by people who decided to settle here and make it a nice place to live. Despite being a city in the desert, thanks to human effort, the city is amazingly green. Every street has trees on both sides and this makes navigating through the city easy and enjoyable.
– The back of the mug shows a bottle with olive oil, a branch with olives, wine bottle, and wine glass. That is because Mendoza region is the largest and most renowned wine region in Argentina. When visiting this city, wine and olive tour is something you should definitely try.
– Army of the Andes monument is located on the top of Mount Glory (Cerro de la Gloria) in San Martin Park. Army of the Andes was a military formation lead by general José de San Martín in his campaign to free Chile from the Spanish Empire.
– Fountain from the Plaza Chile which is a tribute to Argentina’s neighbor – Chile and friendship between these two countries. This plaza was opened in 1863, after the earthquake of 1861, to commemorate the great help Chile provided to the city during the reconstruction.

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