Starbucks Been There Monterey mug

Been There – Monterey

After a long period of no releases for the U.S. (except updating certain cities and states with version #2), Starbucks issues two new mugs. Been There – Monterey is one of those. You might remember that there is already the Been There mug from Mexico with the name that sounds very similar. I was even confused at first, but after a closer look realized the difference (double “r” for the Mexican city).
Monterey is located on the Pacific Coast of California. It was founded on June 3, 1770, and served as the capital of Alta California (‘Upper California’) under Spanish rule between 1804 and 1821. The sides of the mug are showcasing beautiful views of the rugged coast of the state:
– Point Lobos State Natural Reserve is a geologically unique area that contains a rich and diverse plant and animal life.
– Carmel-by-the-Sea is another small town next to Monterey

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