Starbucks Been There Monterrey mug

Been There – Monterrey

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Starbucks Been There – Monterrey is a mug for the capital of the Mexican state of Nuevo León. Thanks to being a commercial center of northern Mexico and the base of many international corporations, Monterrey’s GDP is the second largest in the country.
The city is surrounded by large mountain ranges and even its name is translated as “King mountain”. One of these mountains, the Cerro de la Silla, is depicted on the front of the mug. Its two peaks, Pico Norte and Pico la Virgen form somewhat a saddle on the top of it, hence the name “Saddle mountain”. This natural monument is a well-known symbol of the city that dominates the local skyline.
Puente de la Unidad is the cantilever spar cable-stayed bridge over the Santa Catarina River which divides the city into north and south parts. The river is dry almost all year long but it became a roaring beast during Hurricane Alex in 2010.
The Palacio del Obispado (Bishop’s Palace), built on the slopes of Cerro del Obispado (Bishop Hill). Along with Mirador del Obispado, a lookout, it offers great views of the city. You can also find the country’s biggest monumental flag here, with 160-ft tall pole and the flag measuring 47ft by 82 ft!
Two soccer balls refer to Club de Fútbol Monterrey which is one of the oldest active professional football clubs in the country. It was founded on 28 June 1945.

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