Starbucks Been There NC State mug

Been There – NC State

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It has been a while since I reviewed mugs from Campus Collection. Meanwhile, there were some interesting releases, and Starbucks Been There – NC State is one of them.

North Carolina State University, founded in 1887 as a land-grant institution, began as the North Carolina College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts. Located in Raleigh, it was established to provide practical education in agriculture and engineering. Over the decades, NC State expanded its academic offerings and research capabilities, becoming a comprehensive university. In 1965, it officially adopted the name North Carolina State University at Raleigh. Today, NC State is renowned for its contributions to engineering, textiles, veterinary medicine, and technology, maintaining its commitment to practical education and innovation.

Here are some of the symbols of NC State, as seen in the design of the mug, which is created using the official colors of the University: red and white. These colors are prominently featured in the university’s branding, athletic uniforms, and other official representations.

Holladay Hall, the first building constructed on NC State’s campus, opened its doors in 1889 and served as the initial home for all academic and administrative functions. Named after the university’s first president, Alexander Q. Holladay, it symbolizes the foundation and growth of NC State. Today, Holladay Hall remains a central administrative building, housing the Chancellor’s Office and other key university functions.

– The term “Wolfpack” was first associated with NC State’s athletic teams in the 1920s, reflecting the tenacious and team-oriented spirit of its athletes. Over time, the Wolfpack has become a symbol of unity and pride for the university community. NC State’s teams, known for their competitiveness and camaraderie, embody the fierce and resilient nature of the Wolfpack.

– NC State’s mascot, Mr. Wuf, along with his counterpart Ms. Wuf, serves as a beloved symbol of school spirit and enthusiasm at athletic events and campus activities. Mr. Wuf was introduced in the 1940s, and the current costumed version has been a fixture since the 1980s. The mascots embody the Wolfpack identity, engaging with fans and representing the university’s vibrant community.

– The Memorial Belltower, located at the heart of NC State’s campus, was completed in 1949 to honor alumni who died in World War I. Standing at 115 feet, the tower is an iconic symbol of remembrance and resilience, often lit in red to celebrate significant university achievements. The Belltower serves as a focal point for university traditions and gatherings, representing NC State’s heritage and aspirations.

Carter–Finley Stadium, named after prominent supporters Harry C. Carter and Wilbert J. Finley, has been the home of NC State’s football team since 1966. The stadium, with a seating capacity of over 58,000, creates an electrifying atmosphere for fans and players alike. As a central venue for university and community events, Carter–Finley Stadium symbolizes school spirit and athletic excellence.

PNC Arena, originally opened as the RBC Center in 1999, serves as a multipurpose venue hosting NC State’s men’s basketball games, concerts, and other major events. The arena, with a seating capacity of around 19,000, provides a state-of-the-art facility for athletic and entertainment activities. It represents the university’s commitment to providing top-tier experiences for students, alumni, and the Raleigh community.

– The Engineering Research Building, featuring the iconic State College Chimney, highlights NC State’s long-standing commitment to engineering education and innovation. The chimney, a remnant of the original campus power plant, stands as a historical landmark amidst modern research facilities. Together, they symbolize the university’s blend of tradition and forward-thinking in engineering and technological advancements.

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