Starbucks Been There Niagara Falls mug

Been There – Niagara Falls

OK, guys, I was holding on writing about Starbucks Been There Niagara Falls mug since nobody reported it being found in stores. Well, this happened today – Buffalo, NY is where it was spotted. I believe this mug is special, since it was announced under US album on Starbucks Pinterest page, and then it’s US city where it was “released” first. On the other hand, it says CAN14.95 on the bottom (again, as per collectors reports). So, the main question now: is Starbucks Been There Niagara Falls another mug from US cities wave or this is the first Canadian BT to be released? Let me remind you, there is Canadian Niagara Falls city and then US Niagara Falls city. It brings me to a crazy idea that Starbucks will release two mugs for that location. What do you think?

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