Starbucks Been There Northeastern University mug

Been There – Northeastern University

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Been There – Northeastern University is the tenth mug from the Campus Collection, at least so far. I didn’t hear about any other University mugs for now, but that doesn’t mean Starbucks doesn’t have more coming.
Northeastern University (NU or NEU) is a private research university founded in 1898. The main campus is located in Boston, with smaller campuses in many other states and even Canada. A distinctive characteristic of the University is its cooperative education (co-op) programs. In these programs students alternate periods of academic study with periods of professional employment related to their major. Being a fan of applying knowledge to real-world tasks, I find these co-op programs very productive. Another interesting feature of Northeastern University is a tunnel network that connects many buildings on the campus for use during bad weather.
In terms of the design of the mug, here’s what I would like to mention:
– Ell Hall (a square-shaped building on the front of the mug) is one of the oldest buildings on campus, built in 1947. It contains administrative offices, classrooms, and a 992-seat auditorium.
– the rowboat refers to the Northeastern Men’s and Women’s Rowing teams that have a long history in the University (since 1960)
– the arch that you see is the entrance to the Matthews Arena (formerly Boston Arena). It is the world’s oldest multi-purpose athletic building still in use. It is also the original home of the Boston Bruins, the NHL team. We can also see another reference to the hockey closer to the back of the mug, in the form of the hockey player.
Speaking of the athletic teams of the University, they are called the Northeastern Huskies. There are 16 teams competing in 13 different sports.
– Paws, the Husky has been University’s mascot since 1927. There is a tradition to choose live mascots and give them the name of either King or Queen Husky, followed by the number. It is worth mentioning, that there were no live mascots between 1989 and 2005. You can see the current mascot, King Husky VIII, on the back of the mug.
– a new costumed mascot named Paws, was introduced in 2003. He appears at various University sporting events.
– the N-Zone is the student-only supporters’ section located on the floor of the home court of the Men’s Basketball team.
– the DogHouse is a section of the seats of the Matthews Arena located right on top of the opposing goalkeeper.

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