Starbucks Been There Ornament Arizona 3 mug

Been There Ornament – Arizona 3

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It seems that rather than introducing new locations, Starbucks decided to review the existing ones. You probably remember that Arizona has already seen a revised ornament and a mug, shortly after the new collection came out (it seems that “the Sand Hill State” was not exactly the nickname Arizonians recognized).
Well, as I said, Starbucks has gone even further and completely updated the design with the release of the brand new Been There Ornament – Arizona v3. As you can see from the comparison picture below, most of the design elements of the ornament were rearranged. The new version can be easily distinguished from v1 and v2 by the following features on the front:
– the baseball bat is now pointing to the right
– there’s a hot air balloon to the right of the title and a cactus to the left of the title
– there are chili peppers and the sun below the title
It seems the only element on the front that was kept, is the emblem of the Grand Canyon which still saw the change of the color of the banner from yellow to white.
This can easily be considered a major redesign that is worth the attention of the collectors.

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