Starbucks Been There Ornament Maine mug

Been There Ornament – Maine

Here is Starbucks Been There Ornament Maine. From the front of the mug:
– Moose has been chosen as official state animal in 1979
– Pine cone – hence the state’s nickname: The Pine Tree State. The pine is used as a symbol in the state’s seal, flag, flower, and tree.
– Sea shell, fishing hook, fishing float and seiners (fishing boat) – all relate to ocean playing a major part in Maine’s history and present days. In fact, Maine’s beautiful landscape, famous for its unchanged scenery and opportunities for hunting, fishing and boating has made recreation an important industry.
– Lighthouse – there are dozens of them along the coast. Lighthouse preservation in Maine has been facilitated by the Maine Lights Program. Visiting all or most of those lights can be a nice trip goal!
– Whale jumping out of water – the best time for whale watching in Maine is period between April and October

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