Been There Ornament – New Mexico

The Land of Enchantment State mini mug is here – Starbucks Been There Ornament New Mexico. More from the mug:
– White Sands National Monument – established in 1933, is an unique landscape of rare white gypsum sand dunes.
– State’s flag – officially introduced in 1925, is a yellow flag with the red sun symbol of the Zia (indigenous tribe) in the center.
– Greater roadrunner – official bird of the state. Although a roadrunner is capable of flight, it spends most of the time on the ground. It can reach speeds up to 15mph
– Sangre de Cristo Mountains – are the southernmost subrange of the Rocky Mountains. It translates from Spanish as “Blood of Christ”. This name refers to the phenomenon of alpenglow, when snow-covered mountains turn pink in the evening light.

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