Starbucks Been There Pampanga mug

Been There – Pampanga

Starbucks Been There – Pampanga is a mug for a province on the northern shore of Manila Bay. Pampanga is rightfully considered as the Culinary Capital of the Philippines. Kapampangan cuisine is known for having exotic dishes such as Crispy Camaru (fried crickets) or Betute (stuffed frog) but if you’re just at the beginning of your food journey, there are other amazing dishes you can start with:
– Morcon (Stuffed Meat Loaf) – made from pork with the sausage and boiled egg inside
– Sisig – is made mostly from pig’s head. The meat is boiled, grilled and fried before putting it on a sizzling plate and after slicing it in bits
– Bringhe – a rice dish topped with carrots, bell peppers, and boiled eggs.
– Aligui (crab fat) sautéed on garlic and served with calamansi or lemon juice.
– Tibok-Tibok, a.k.a. Carabao’s Milk Pudding is made primarily from carabao milk and ground soaked glutinous rice.
There are obviously many more dishes to try when visiting Pampanga region, don’t miss the chance.

Aside from food, there is one place depicted on the mug, which might be worth visiting:
– Miyamit Falls – is best to be seen on a rainy day when there is more water rushing down, however, the trail to the falls might be slippery.

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