Starbucks Been There The University of Utah mug

Been There – The University of Utah

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Here’s the new release from the Campus Collection for a public research university in Salt Lake City. Starbucks Been There – The University of Utah mug is designed using the official colors of the University: Utah Red, Black, and White.
The University of Utah (UU, U of U, or simply Utah) traces its origins back to the early days of the Utah Territory when Brigham Young, then the president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, saw the need for a higher education institution. Originally named the University of Deseret, it held its first classes in 1850, making it one of the oldest universities west of the Mississippi River. Over the years, the university underwent several name changes before officially adopting the name “University of Utah” in 1892.

The first thing that draws our attention when looking at the design of the mug is the fact that the University of Utah’s logo is presented at least 4 times in one form or another. The one we see on the footsteps of the hill is actually Block U. It is located on Mount Van Cott, just north of the University’s campus. It is a large concrete hillside letter that represents unity, pride, and the enduring spirit of the Utah community. Lights outlining the Block U flash when the university’s athletic teams win and burn steadily when they are defeated. Each year, students come together to repaint Block U, infusing it with fresh coats of crimson and white—a ritual that symbolizes the ongoing commitment to excellence and the timeless bond that unites past, present, and future generations of Utes.

The “U” on the back of the mug is slightly different from others, and is in fact “U helix”. It is the logo for the University of Utah Health, which is the health sciences branch of the University of Utah, encompassing various healthcare-related entities including schools, hospitals, clinics, research institutes, and community outreach programs. It is a leading academic medical center in the Intermountain West region of the United States, renowned for its excellence in patient care, medical education, and research.

The University of Utah has two main stadiums: Rice-Eccles Stadium and Huntsman Center. Rice-Eccles Stadium is primarily used for football games and has a seating capacity of over 45,000. Huntsman Center is an indoor arena primarily used for basketball games and other events.

The University of Utah’s athletic teams, known as the Utah Utes, are a source of pride and excitement for the university community. Competing in the NCAA Division I, the Utes participate in a wide range of sports, including football, basketball, gymnastics, soccer, and more. With a rich tradition of excellence, the Utah Utes have achieved numerous successes on the national stage, earning conference championships and producing standout athletes.

Swoop is the official mascot of the University of Utah. Introduced in 1996 with the consent of the tribal council of the Ute tribe, Swoop is a red-tailed hawk and represents the Utah Utes sports teams. Swoop is a body-suit mascot and can be seen at various university events, engaging with fans, and cheering on the teams. The mascot holds a significant place in the university’s spirit and community, embodying the pride and enthusiasm of the Utah Utes.

The Olympic Legacy Bridge at the University of Utah holds historical significance as it was the site of the 2002 Winter Olympic Athlete Village. Located on the university’s campus, this bridge serves as a reminder of the Winter Olympics held in Salt Lake City. The bridge, also known as the George S. Eccles 2002 Legacy Bridge, is a notable landmark that symbolizes the university’s connection to the Olympic Games.

“Sack Lake City” is a phrase that originated as a clever homage to the pass-rushing abilities of the Utah Utes football team. It gained popularity among fans and became a trademark for the team. The phrase was used to acknowledge the defensive players, particularly those who excel at sacking the opposing team’s quarterback.

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