Starbucks Been There University of Georgia mug

Been There – University of Georgia

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I am finally reviewing a new mug from the Campus Collection, namely Been There – University of Georgia. Although “new” is probably not the right word since these have been available in stores for a couple of months now.
The University of Georgia (UGA) founded in 1785, is one of the oldest public universities in the United States. Its main campus is located in Athens, Georgia, and consists of five sections, North, South, Central, East, and West Campuses. UGA is now considered one of the best public universities in the US.
The front of the mug showcases “The Arch” – a cast-iron representation similar to what can be seen on the obverse of the Great Seal of the state of Georgia. It is located at the north entrance of the campus and can also be seen on the University’s logo. There is an interesting tradition among students, to not pass beneath the Arch until they have received a diploma from the University of Georgia.
Uga the Bulldog is the official live mascot of the Georgia Bulldogs (the athletic teams that represent the UGA). The origin of using the English Bulldog came from strong ties with Yale University.
The Chapel Bell (further to the back of the mug) is a historic monument that is also a part of another tradition of the University. The bell rings every time UGA’s athletic team wins.
Sanford Stadium is a 92,746-seat football stadium. Interestingly enough, it played an important role in the 1996 Summer Olympics, hosting soccer games. In order for the stadium to be able to accommodate the size of the soccer field, the privet hedges surrounding the field were removed. These had been symbolic to UGA since the early 1930s and surely enough were restored back after the Olympic games.

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