Starbucks Been There University of Minnesota mug

Been There – University of Minnesota

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This mug was in my queue since last year, and I am finally adding it to the site. Been There – University of Minnesota is a release for the university nestled along the banks of the Mississippi River in Minneapolis and St. Paul. Often referred to as UMN or simply the U, it stands as a beacon of academic excellence and innovation in the heart of the Midwest. Founded in 1851, it is one of the oldest public research universities in the United States and has played a pivotal role in shaping the intellectual and cultural landscape of the region.

Symbolizing a commitment to academic achievement and a pursuit of knowledge, the University of Minnesota boasts a range of symbols and traditions that add depth to its vibrant campus life. The maroon and gold colors proudly worn by students and alumni reflect the institution’s spirit and pride. The university’s motto, “Commune vinculum omnibus artibus” (A common bond for all the arts), encapsulates its dedication to fostering interdisciplinary learning and collaboration.

Showcased on the front of the mug is Mariucci Arena. It is home to the University of Minnesota Golden Gophers men’s ice hockey team and is named after the legendary John Mariucci, a key figure in American hockey history. With a seating capacity of over 10,000, Mariucci Arena provides an electric atmosphere for fans to cheer on the Golden Gophers as they showcase their prowess on the ice.

One of the most cherished traditions at the U is the annual homecoming celebration, where alumni return to their alma mater to reconnect and celebrate their shared experiences. The “Spin Your Head” tradition, a playful nod to the iconic goldy gopher mascot, involves students and fans spinning their heads in imitation of Goldy during sporting events, creating a spirited and lively atmosphere.

Speaking of mascots, the University of Minnesota proudly showcases Goldy Gopher as its energetic and lovable representative. Goldy is a symbol of school spirit, attending various events, and cheering on the university’s athletic teams, known as the Golden Gophers. The university’s teams compete in the NCAA Division I, showcasing their talents in a variety of sports such as football, basketball, hockey, and more. The Golden Gophers have a storied history, with numerous conference championships and a strong legacy of success.

The quirky tradition of the “Shoe Tree” at the University of Minnesota highlights how students toss their shoes onto a designated tree as a symbolic rite of passage during their final year, creating a visual representation of their academic journey and memories. The tradition adds a touch of whimsy to the campus and serves as a unique way for students to leave their mark before graduating.

Presented in the design, we can see the Golden Axe, a cherished trophy which is awarded to the winner of the annual football game between the University of Minnesota and the University of Wisconsin, symbolizing the fierce rivalry between the two schools. Often referred to as the “Border Battle” or “Paul Bunyan’s Axe Game,” is an intense and historic competition between the University of Minnesota Golden Gophers and the University of Wisconsin Badgers. Dating back to 1890, this annual clash is one of the longest-running and most storied rivalries in college football. The coveted prize for the victor is the Paul Bunyan’s Axe, a symbol of lumberjack prowess. The fierce rivalry is fueled by a deep-seated competition for regional bragging rights and the longstanding battle for the axe, creating an atmosphere of heightened excitement and anticipation every year. The game has become a cherished tradition, uniting fans in their passion for football and adding a thrilling chapter to the longstanding sports history of both universities.

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