Starbucks Discovery Series Tennessee mug

Discovery Series – Tennessee

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This is the first, non-Disney mug from the brand-new Discovery Series. In my earlier post, I cautiously suggested that the Disney Parks releases is just the beginning of the new collection. I later saw rumors about more Discovery Series mugs coming out on April 9, which got me excited. Well, it seems there is no need to wait another three weeks, as the Discovery Series – Tennessee was spotted in stores today. There is no doubt that more states and cities are on their way to being released. Stay tuned for the updates!

In terms of the design, the new collection is drastically different from the Been There Series, as it features way fewer elements. Another very distinctive attribute of the Discovery Series is the circle on the front of the mug. I initially assumed it was a Sun, however, the green color of this circle in the case of this Tennessee mug, makes me reconsider that.
The color of the box and the cover is dark green. Starbucks went with the glossy, much better-looking cover material for this new series. It now matches the box itself.
The writing on the cover is not dubbed in other languages, only English. This might change for Canada mugs, if any.

I would love to see your comments about the new Discovery Series and this mug in particular, do not hesitate to leave them below.

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