Starbucks You Are Here Alicante mug

You Are Here – Alicante

I’ve almost missed this release from December 2020. It seems that Starbucks You Are Here – Alicante came out along with another Spanish mug that I’ve previewed yesterday.
Alicante is located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea with Mount Benacantil in the center of the city. The mountain (or rather the large hill) is 550ft tall and offers an opportunity to explore Santa Bárbara Castle and enjoy the views of the city below. I don’t see it on the front of the mug, but I am sure designers placed it on the back.
I can recognize the images of the Old Town (white stairs on the left), but not the red building on the right. Any idea what that is? Leave me a comment below.
Update: thanks to a reader it was confirmed that the building on the front of the mug is El Mercado Central de Alicante (Central Market). The building is almost 100 years old but still serves its purpose. According to the reviews, it is a must-visit place for travelers who enjoy trying local products.

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