Starbucks You Are Here Andorra mug

You Are Here – Andorra

You Are Here – Andorra made its surprising appearance today. Who could imagine that Starbucks will go ahead with releasing the mug for the country with only one store available? One store only? Why? That’s because Andorra is a microstate on the border of Spain and France. Despite the size though, it has dozens of little villages with the smallest one, Llumeneres, having only one resident officially!
The design of the mug makes an emphasis on “things to do” when visiting the country. Since Andorra is a mountainous country, it became a major ski resort in Europe, with tourists coming from France, Spain, and even the UK. Once the snow melts, the resorts make the switch to mountain biking. In both cases, you’re guaranteed to have an amazing time.
Another interesting thing to note: since Andorra is not a part of the European Union, the prices on many products are much cheaper than in adjacent countries. This makes Andorra an attractive spot for shoppers and is another big component of the country’s economy.

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