Starbucks You Are Here Baguio mug

You Are Here – Baguio

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Remember I told you there were three rumored new YAHs from Philippines, but the pics of them looked really bad. Yesterday I’ve added two of them with better pictures (Boracay and Tagaytay) and now it’s time for third one – Baguio. The total amount of Philippines YAHs now reached eight, so I now starting to believe in the total number of fifteen mugs announced (unofficially) on Facebook.
Baguio is situated in northern Luzon (island) and is also known as Summer Capital of the Philippines. Due to it’s location at an altitude of ~5000 feet (1.5km) average temperature ranges from 59 to 73 °F (15 to 23 °C) making it 13-15°F (7-8 °C) degrees lower than the temperature in the lowland area.
The city was was established as by the Americans in 1900 and is now a popular touristic destination due it’s climate and history. At the summer time population of the city doubles (from 300k to 600k). In order to accommodate all these people there are more than 80 hotels in the city.
The mug was reported to be seen in Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) Terminal 1. So if you’re travelling there soon – it’s your chance to get this one, as well as other Philippines mugs.
Update from 2017/02/24: added an image of the back and updated the front (thanks to Starbucks Philippines for providing high quality photos)

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