Starbucks You Are Here Caerdydd mug

You Are Here – Caerdydd

Friday night and new release. Starbucks is filling gaps in the United Kingdom. No, this is not the new mug from England. It just had Liverpool and Oxford released recently. Give it a break. There are other countries in Great Britain waiting for mugs. Like Wales. You heard it right. Please meet You Are Here Caerdydd mug. You might wonder what that city is? Well, since Starbucks decided to use native variants of city names, we have Caerdydd mug instead of Cardiff. Oddly enough the Icon version does have Cardiff name on it.
Cardiff is the capital of Wales since 1955 and is the largest city of the country. It plays major financial and commercial role also being cultural center of Wales. So far I can only recognize the Cardiff Castle displayed on mug.
Based on my experience it’s just a matter of couple days for the mug to appear for sale online. Check the link below.

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