Starbucks You Are Here Christmas Sweden mug

You Are Here Christmas – Sweden

Christmas mug in July? I’ll take it! Thanks to our follower, it was revealed that a very interesting release was missing from the collection. I hasten to fix this mistake and place You Are Here Christmas – Sweden mug where it belongs! The release of the Sweden Christmas ornament makes more sense now. For some reason, I didn’t question why there was no bigger version of it then.
Below, is a side-by-side comparison of the holiday edition mug with the regular mug. These are the Christmas symbols that were added:
– Christmas tree and a snowman in front of the Stockholm Palace or the Royal Palace – an official residence of the Swedish monarch.
– A Christmas present floating in the sea
– A Dalecarlian horse or Dala horse has a Christmas hat now. Dala is a traditional carved, painted wooden statue of a horse that used to be a toy for children. It has become a symbol of Dalarna and Sweden in general, now.
– Stockholm City Hall (the seat of Stockholm Municipality) gets a Christmas Wreath. By the way, the Nobel Prize award ceremony is held here every year.
– another snowman and more Christmas presents on the back of the mug

Unfortunately no Christmas hat for the moose!

All credits for the pictures of the mug go to our reader.

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