Starbucks You Are Here Dijon mug

You Are Here – Dijon

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There is huge news coming from France, where as many as four YAH mugs have been released for this country this week. Starbucks You Are Here – Dijon is the first of them and is dedicated to a city in the historical Burgundy region in eastern France, which is well known for winemaking.
The front of the mug shows houses with multicolored roofs known as Burgundian polychrome roofs. These are glazed flat tiles arranged in patterns. They represent the distinctive symbol of the region.
The Owl of Notre Dame de Dijon is a small stone owl carved into a corner of the oldest church in Dijon. It is believed that if you touch it with your left hand and make a wish, your wish will come true. Since so many people do it, there are very few details left on the sculpture, unfortunately.
We can also see the famous Dijon mustard, the appearance of which dates back to the 14th century. It gained much popularity in 1856 when Jean Naigeon of Dijon replaced vinegar with verjuice, the acidic juice of unripe grapes.
The back of the mug reminds us that the region offers amazing opportunities to try great food and wine. Dijon is also home to the international and Gastronomic Fair which is open every autumn.

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