Starbucks You Are Here Disney Disneyland 2 mug

You Are Here Disney – Disneyland 2

You probably remember how Starbucks replaced Hollywood Studios with second version. Many wondered if other Disney YAHs will eventually be replaced. Looks like we have the answer now, because Hollywood Studios v2 has just been released. The mug looks great and it has aroused excitement among many collectors – enough to mention it was sold out within a day. I really hope Starbucks has more in stock as the hype in demand will remain high for some time.
I’ve never been to Disneyland, so can’t tell for sure if design hit the mark and I ask you to tell me in the comments.

Important note – it is probably the best time to hoard a couple of v1 versions of Disneyland, as those will soon to be gone from stores. An obvious increase in price at eBay and similar online re-sellers will follow.

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