Starbucks You Are Here Hulun Buir mug

You Are Here – Hulun Buir

Starbucks You Are Here – Hulun Buir makes it the 81st YAH mug from Zhongguo (the Middle Kingdom in Mandarin, a.k.a China), and that’s not counting the Christmas Edition mugs.
Hulun Buir, located in Inner Mongolia (autonomous region of the PRC), is probably the least populous and the northernmost Chinese region that got the mug. This region is governed as a prefecture-level city and that makes it one of the biggest cities in the world by area (though very uncrowded). Hulun Buir is considered the gateway to China’s greatest grasslands that were not affected by industrialization that much.
Horse riding (can be seen on the side of the mug) along the scenic routes, local food, and cultural inspiration are things that you are going to enjoy when visiting the region.

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