Starbucks You Are Here Jinghong mug

You Are Here – Jinghong

Starbucks You Are Here – Jinghong mug has been revealed by a Facebook user today. Yes, another one has joined numerous family of Chinese mugs already available in stores.
Jinghong is a city in the far south of China’s Yunnan province. It was founded in 1180 under the name of Chiang Hung and has been always under the radar of major surrounding powers like Burma(Myanmar), Siam(now Thailand), and China.
The picture I have doesn’t allow me to properly review design elements, however, I do see Jinghong Primitive Forest Park. It occupies almost 4200 acres of land, of which 98% is covered by trees. The park allows you to examine these three areas of interest: primitive forest, wild animals and ethnic folklore. I believe there is also a pagoda on the side, however, I was not able to identify it.

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