Starbucks You Are Here Lisboa mug

You Are Here – Lisboa

I was little bit disappointed about Starbucks not releasing any new YAH recently. I got used to new release every week or even more often. It has been two weeks since my last post and finally they took pity on us. No less than the first Portugal YAH – please meet Lisboa You Are Here mug.
Again we see Starbucks used native version of the name of the city – Lisboa instead of Lisbon, something we’ve seen with Icons already.
Lisbon is the capital and largest city of Portugal with the population of 552k people. If talking about metro area this number reaches 2.7 million, which is about 27% of the total population of Portugal. The design of the mug is pretty “busy” and I will need some time to identify what’s there.
I didn’t spot this mug on eBay yet, but I am pretty sure it’s just the matter of time. Well, when you read this, it’s probably there already.

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