Starbucks You Are Here Malta mug

You Are Here – Malta

The store is yet to open its doors, however, Starbucks has announced the mug in advance. This is You Are Here Malta, as it appears on Malta Starbucks Facebook page. There is no official release date, but they assure it’s coming soon!
Thanks to vivid colors, this mug looks special. We see the Valletta skyline with Basilica of Our Lady of Mount Carmel on the front of the mug. It is a Roman Catholic church that forms part of a UNESCO World Heritage site which includes the entire city. There is also Triton Fountain – built between 1952 and 1959 next to the City Gate of Valletta. It consists of three bronze Tritons holding up a large basin, balanced on a concentric base built out of concrete. Another element is the classic Malta bus, the unique nature of which comes from the tradition of local ownership of the buses by the drivers, and their historic practice of customizing them.

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