You Are Here Ornament – Slovakia

An unexpected, but pleasant release – Starbucks You Are Here Ornament – Slovakia. Please note, the full size mug has not been spotted yet. From the ornament:
– Bratislava Castle – the castle in the Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia. It was built in 9th century on an isolated rocky hill in the middle of the city and was then rebuilt in 1956-1964. Due its size and position it became a symbol of the city. Here’s Interesting fact, since Bratislava is located at the intersection of three countries: Slovakia, Austria and Hungary, you can see other two from the walls of Bratislava Castle
– The Slovak National Uprising Bridge in Bratislava, a.k.a. Nový most (“New Bridge”) between 1993 to 2012, a.k.a. UFO Bridge (non-official) is an asymmetrical cable-stayed bridge and the world’s longest bridge to have one pylon and one cable-stayed plane. It was built between 1967 and 1972 and it required a significant section of the Old Town below Bratislava Castle to be demolished to build the road leading to the bridge.
– Tatra chamois – is a subspecies of the chamois, which in its turn is a species of goat-antelope native to mountains in Europe. This particular animal was in danger of extinction in 1999-2000, when its population dropped to 160 individuals. Since that, thanks to a program aimed to preserve Tatra chamois’ population, their numbers went to as many as 1431 in 2018.

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