Starbucks You Are Here Ornament Türkiye mug

You Are Here Ornament – Türkiye

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Similar to the bigger mug, there is also an update for You Are Here Ornament – Türkiye. As you can see from the picture, the two ornaments are identical, except for the name. I now wonder if an updated Christmas version is something we can expect from Starbucks.

As a bonus, I included a Special Edition ornament that I have in my collection as well (the one with the red handle). It was released to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Turkey, which marked a century since its establishment on October 29, 1923. This centennial celebration honors a significant transformation in the nation’s history and reflects on its journey through challenges and achievements over the past century. Celebrations across the country included vibrant parades, cultural exhibitions, fireworks, and concerts, showcasing Turkey’s rich heritage and dynamic future.

While not part of the YAH Collection, this Special Edition ornament is exactly the same size as other You Are Here ornaments. The red handle is something we’ve seen in the design of the Christmas edition mugs and ornaments as well. There is one particular feature though, that makes it unique: a Starbucks logo on the inside of the ornament.
I could not resist adding it to my collection, and I hope you find it interesting too.

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