Starbucks You Are Here Quezon City mug

You Are Here – Quezon City

Here we go. The second YAH from Philippines series is revealed. Welcome Quezon City mug. To be fair, it’s not an official release, which will be on February 7th. I wonder how was someone able to get it though.

One really interesting detail I’ve noticed. Please see these two images side by side:


The first picture is the back of Quezon City YAH and the second is Cannes YAH. See how movie film roll is exactly the same? Did SB designers run out of ideas? I can clearly see the same guy drawing the face for the new mug and realizing: “Wait a minute, a have this element somewhere in my database. I’ll just place it here. No one will notice anything”. Poor guy.
Anyway, there are definitely more Philippines YAHs coming soon. Stay alert! I will add them to my list as soon as I get more info.

Update 2017/02/05: added a better pic of the back of the mug


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