Starbucks You Are Here Ramstein mug

You Are Here – Ramstein

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Wow! It is finally official. The brand new Starbucks You Are Here series mug for Ramstein, Germany is here. They announced the release on their Facebook page on as early as September 6. The mug was wrapped with a question marks covered paper so nobody can see the actual design. Well, 13 days later everyone can finally buy it at KMCC Mall, Ramstein-Miesenbach. Now with the new mug, the total amount for Germany is five, more than any other country outside of North America! According to their Ramstein FB page they have a pretty good selection of other mugs also. Just look at this picture – we can see lots of Icon and Relief mugs, as well as Munchen YAH

As for the actual town, the full name is Ramstein-Miesenbach and according to wiki it only has 7.5k people living in it. What’s more important, this location is adjacent to US Ramstein Air Base which in it’s turn is the headquarters for the United States Air Forces in Europe.

As usual, my advise is to monitor ebay or browse inventory of Starbucks coffee shop at any big connection hub Airport (Munich, Frankfurt). If you have relatives or friends deployed there, this could be another option.

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