Starbucks You Are Here St. Andrews mug

You Are Here – St. Andrews

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Thanks to a message and photos from the reader of this blog, it came to my attention that Scotland is getting a new mug. Starbucks You Are Here St. Andrews is joining an already big family of the UK mugs.
St. Andrews is located on the east coast of Scotland, not far from Edinburgh, the capital of the country. The town is named after Saint Andrew the Apostle and is home to the University of St Andrews, the oldest university in Scotland (and the third oldest in the English-speaking world). It is ranked as the second-best university in the UK (right after Cambridge) as per certain rankings.
Here are some symbols of St. Andrews that I was able to identify on the mug:
– The West Port (gate) is one of few surviving town “Ports” in Scotland (port is a Scottish name for a town gate). Built in 1587 and then later rebuilt in 1843, the gate was not meant to defend the city but served as an impressive entrance. The other port, that’s still standing in St Andrews, is the Sea Yett, where the Pends (street) reaches the harbor.
– Scotland, and St. Andrews in particular, are considered “the home of golf”. One of the oldest golf clubs in the world, the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews is located here. It was the world governing body for the game (except in the United States and Mexico) till 2004, when the new organization, the R&A, was spun off with this function.

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