Starbucks You Are Here Tokyo mug

You Are Here – Tokyo

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Starbucks never ceases to amaze me with its releases, that’s maybe why I keep collecting. This weekend brings us pictures of the brand new mug from Japan. We are used to multiple versions of Japan country mugs, representing different seasons, but this time it’s a city mug – Starbucks You Are Here – Tokyo!
This new design features the city skyline with Mount Fuji in the background. And while it’s about 50 miles between the city and mountain, you can still see the latter from certain spots in Tokyo, especially if you find yourself on the roof of the tall building. In addition, there are two towers worth visiting for the amazing views of the city:
– Tokyo Tower is a 1092ft communications and observation tower built-in 1958 and has an Eiffel Tower-inspired shape. Its highest observation deck is located at 819 ft above the surface.
– Tokyo Skytree is a broadcasting and observation tower that became the tallest tower in the world in March 2011 reaching 2,080 ft high. It has two observation decks with the upper one at 1,480 ft
Another symbol of Japan and Tokyo, in particular, is the Shinkansen a.k.a. “the bullet train” in English. It is a network of high-speed railway lines. It was built to connect distant Japanese regions with Tokyo, initially, but then grew into a cross-country transportation system. The trains usually operate at 150–200 mph, but can reach up to 275 mph to set a world record. Interesting enough, there has been no passenger fatality or injury due to train accidents, during the Shinkansen’s 50-plus year history.

Update from 2019/12/01: it seems that this was a prototype that has never been released, unfortunately.

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