Starbucks You Are Here Türkiye mug

You Are Here – Türkiye

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The release of Starbucks You Are Here – Türkiye mug is a nod to the fact that in June 2022, Turkey officially changed its internationally recognized name to “Türkiye,” reflecting a shift to the country’s original Turkish name. The move aims to enhance the nation’s global image and cultural identity.

Just a reminder, that a You Are Here – Turkey is already a part of the collection. The new mug is a complete copy, except for the way the name is written.

The name change was approved by the United Nations following a request from the Turkish government. “Türkiye” more accurately represents the country’s historical and cultural heritage. This new name better reflects the values and legacy of the Turkish people, distinguishing the nation from the bird, turkey, and other negative connotations associated with the English spelling.

The rebranding effort is part of a broader strategy to bolster national pride and redefine Turkey’s global presence. It aligns with a series of initiatives promoting the Turkish language and culture on the international stage. Domestically, the change has been received with mixed reactions, with some citizens expressing pride and others questioning the necessity of the move.

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