Starbucks You Are Here Wales mug

You Are Here – Wales

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As the last accords of discontinued collection – Starbucks You Are Here Wales
The mug is designed having in mind the Flag of Wales, which incorporates the red dragon along with the Tudor colors of green and white.
From the mug:
– sheep – since sheep farming is the important part of economy of Wales. Interesting enough, there are more than 10 million sheep in Wales
– green hills or mountains – probably referring to Snowdonia – mountainous region and a national park in northwestern Wales. On exceptionally clear days, Ireland, Scotland, England and the Isle of Man are all visible from Snowdon mountain.
Welsh hat – is a part of Welsh national costume for women. Nowadays, it is only worn on holidays though.
Conwy Castle – built by Edward I, on the north coast of Wales, between 1283 and 1289.
Llanthony Priory – remaining of the priory which dates back to around the year 1100.
Daffodil – the national flower of Wales, and is worn on March 1, St David’s Day. It is also called “Peter’s leek” in Welsh.
– Tuxedo – I tend to believe this is related to Sir Thomas Jones Woodward, a.k.a Tom Jones, famous Welsh singer. He’s one of the most popular vocalists with over 100 million records sold.

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