Starbucks You Are Here Xiangyang mug

You Are Here – Xiangyang

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You Are Here – Xiangyang is another representative from this Fall’s batch of Chinese mugs. Xiangyang is an agglomeration of two once separate cities: Fancheng and Xiangcheng. The latter was known as Xiangyang before 2010 and is located south of the Han River and contains one of the oldest still-intact city walls in China. The city has a rich history and played an important role in the past of the country. That seemed to be used as an inspiration by Starbucks when designing this mug since we can see quite a few buildings belonging to historical architecture on its sides. There is one thing which puzzles me though, I am not seeing the clear representation of the main landmark of the city, which is Xiangyang Ancient City Wall. It is a must-visit point of attraction, which will impress you for sure. If you happen to come at night, you will be awarded the view of the wall illuminated with multiple lights, which makes it even more special. They did, however, placed certain elements which are part of the wall:
– Zhongxuan Tower (front of the mug, right bottom) – is a guard tower which was pretty well restored to its original state. It is located right at the corner of the city walls.
– The drum and bell Tower – which is the entrance to North Street. There is Xiangyang museum behind the gates and many small shops if you’re looking for a gift to take with you.
– There seems to be some old wood street gate (right bottom). I could not find the name of it!

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