Starbucks You Are Here Zhuzhou mug

You Are Here – Zhuzhou

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Starbucks You Are Here – Zhuzhou is yet another mug to join YAH China division. The city of Zhuzhou is part of the “Changzhutan Golden Triangle” (comprising the cities of Changsha, Zhuzhou, and Xiangtan). It is an industrial city with four key industries: metallurgy, machine manufacture, chemicals, and building materials. Despite that, most of the mug is dedicated to elements of nature. It is in the first place the Xiang River which winds through the city and then flows into the Yangtze River via Lake Dongting.
Dongkeng Fei Waterfall, also known as Shennong Fei Waterfall is a spectacular, 770ft waterfall located in Shennong Valley Nature Reserve.
The building on the top of the mountain is the Ancestral Temple from the Yandi Mausoleum group of buildings. The Yan Emperor or the Flame Emperor (Yan literally means “flame”) was a legendary ancestor of the Chinese nation, as the legends say. He is mentioned in many folk tales from pre-dynasty times along with legendary Shennong who is believed to teach humans the use of the plow together with other aspects of basic agriculture. Moreover, many historians claim that the Yan Emperor and Shennong was the same person. Anyways, the temple was built in 967 and then ruined during wars, just to be rebuilt during the Qing dynasty(1616-1911). Unfortunately, it was again lost in the fire of the year 1954, but reconstructed in 1986. It is now a sacred place where Chinese people worship the ancestor Yan Emperor.
I am not seeing Zhuzhou Television Tower, which is not the tallest one in China but has a very interesting design, in my opinion, which distinguishes it from other TV towers.

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