Starbucks New Star Wars mugs from the Discovery Series mug

New Star Wars mugs from the Discovery Series

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In a galaxy not so far away, May the 4th is a date marked with passion by Star Wars enthusiasts worldwide. As tradition dictates, this day brings forth a cascade of new merchandise and exciting announcements. Among the myriad of offerings, Starbucks has emerged as a key player, captivating fans with its annual Star Wars-themed releases. This year, it has once again ignited the passion of fans with the unveiling of its latest creation: the Star Wars Discovery Series mugs. These new releases are dedicated to showcasing various Star Wars locations and aim to transport fans to a galaxy far, far away with each sip of their favorite beverages.

As a sneak peek into what awaits fans, DisneyStore has unveiled the picture of the Hoth mug from the Discovery Series. Inspired by the ice planet featured in “Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back,” the mug beautifully captures the essence of Hoth’s frozen landscape. The Hoth mug features a serene blue color scheme, reminiscent of the icy terrain, and intricate illustrations of AT-AT walkers, Rebel Alliance snowspeeders, the Rebel base, and more.

So is it only the Discovery Series Hoth mug that will be released on May 4th? Not necessarily! Based on past releases, it’s likely that Starbucks, in collaboration with Disney, will unveil at least two more mugs, each featuring a different iconic Star Wars location. Whether it’s the bustling streets of Coruscant, the mystical forests of Endor, or the barren sands of Tatooine, fans can anticipate a diverse array of landscapes to adorn their mugs and fuel their imaginations.

According to the official DisneyStore account, the release is set to happen on May 4th at 8 AM PT. So mark your calendars and prepare to embark on a galactic adventure with Starbucks and the Star Wars universe on May 4th! May the Force be with you.

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