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Been There – Delaware 2

We’ve been all waiting for the official release of this mug for quite a while. As you remember it was delayed due to an error made on the mug. As you can see, the “fixed” Starbucks Been There Delaware v2 mug is missing “Lower Slower” nickname on the front. So instead of making it “Slower Lower” they replaced it with crab. My guess, this phrase is copyrighted, and Starbucks decided to completely remove it, in order to avoid any lawsuits in the future.… Read more

Been There – Victoria

Starbucks Been There Victoria mug is the most recent release for Canada. It will definitely be in a great demand, yet somewhat easily accessible by Vancouver collectors. Getting there will include using the ferry, since Victoria is located on the southern tip of Vancouver Island… Read more

You Are Here – Taiyuan

The front of Starbucks You Are Here Taiyuan mug is the mix of old buildings and modern architecture:
– Chongshansi Temple
Twin Pagoda Temple – dating from the Ming dynasty – is the tallest set of twin pagodas in China with East and West towers built in 1597 and 1612 respectively
– Beizhonghuan Bridge across the Fen river – beautiful example of modern technologies with Taiyuan’s city centre skyscrapers in the background… Read more

You Are Here – Lijiang

Starbucks You Are Here Lijiang mug is dedicated to Old Town of Lijiang, which was registered on the UNESCO World Heritage List on December 4, 1997 for its use of traditional Naxi architecture in the rebuilding process. White marble bridge over The Black Dragon Pool, as seen on the mug, offer spectacular views of the white peaks of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain – the region’s tallest mountain.… Read more

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